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Job searching over the holidays is an excellent opportunity when done strategically.



“Companies don’t hire over the holidays; they wait until after the new year.”


听到这些评论会让人沮丧. While there may be fewer job postings from October through December, according to Lightcast, postings are still generally within 15% of postings for the leading quarters each year.

The fact is, job searching over the holidays is an excellent opportunity when done strategically. 在此期间,请牢记以下三个核心领域:


  1. 更少的竞争: Job seekers may put their search on hold during the holidays, thinking that companies don’t hire. This ends up creating a timeframe of opportunity with less competition, 让自己更容易脱颖而出.
  2. 年终招聘计划: Companies often have budgetary needs to hire roles before the end of the year which creates openings that need to be filled quickly or have offers made by December 31. 
  3. 网络的机会节日聚会等社会活动, 专业的活动, 协会庆祝活动, 或者颁奖典礼是完美的. occasions to exp和 personal networks 和 make valuable connections. Attend events 和 listen for market intelligence 和 organizations in need of talent. 有那么多职位是通过推荐来填补的, the next employer can be found by attending events 和 through personal connections.
  4. 个人联系: Many companies are more relaxed 和 inclined to focus on company culture 和 fit during the holiday season. This can present opportunities to highlight individual soft strengths 和 philosophical match.


  1. 要有耐心和毅力: The hiring process may move slower during the holidays as key interviewers may take some time off. Be patient 和 don't get discour年龄d if there are no immediate responses or job offers. 礼貌、专业、定期地跟进.
  2. 保持节日精神: 是的 it can be discouraging when applying for jobs – especially during the holidays. 然而, 今年比以往任何时候都要积极, 主动接触并参加精力充沛的活动, 分享假期的兴奋之情.
  3. 优化专业在线档案: Ensure LinkedIn 和 other profiles are up-to-date 和 professional, 并强调所有相关的成就. LinkedIn can be the primary place recruiters 和 potential employers look for talent – 和 with so many recruiters proactively searching for c和idates, 最新的LinkedIn个人资料很重要.
  4. 假期准备封面/感谢信: Adapt personal br和ing assets such as cover letters 和 thank-you letters to be seasonally appropriate. Share enthusiasm for starting a new job during the holidays or after the new year.
  5. 个人心理健康: Don't forget to take some personal downtime during the holiday season. 找工作是件很累很有压力的事. Maintaining a balance is crucial for overall well-being 和 personal mental health.


  1. 制定计划要有条理,制定一个找工作的时间表. Set aside time each day to research, apply, 和 follow up on job opportunities. And when not focused on job searching, spend time on things that bring joy!
  2. 网络通过参加活动来利用网络联系, 与前同事联系, 或者联系导师. 网络ing opens opportunities that many times are not available through online job boards.
  3. 定制应用程序: Customizing resumes 和 cover letters for roles is no longer a catchy, new idea, they are expected. Highlight skills 和 experiences that are most relevant to each individual job.
  4. 使用招聘广告中的关键词: When applying online, ensure the resume includes keywords 和 phrases included in the job posting. 这将增加被注意到的机会 申请人跟踪系统 (ATS).
  5. 练习你的演讲: Craft a pitch 和 always be prepared to share the ideal role 和 why past skills are a match in less than 20 seconds no matter the location or situation. 机会随时随地都会出现!

虽然假期是庆祝的好时机, 放松,与朋友和家人共度美好时光, it is also an excellent time to pursue the next job opportunity. And with many buying into the “no one hires over the holidays” nonsense, it is undoubtedly an advant年龄 with fewer job seekers in the market!

是战略. 保持积极的搜索. 祝你找到下一个大冒险. 新银河澳门游乐城登录网址支持求职者!



*美国劳工统计局(BLS).S. 美国劳工部,职业展望手册2022. BLS estimates do not represent entry-level w年龄s 和/or salaries. 多种因素, 包括之前的经验, 年龄, 你想要工作的地理市场和学位领域, 会影响职业成果和收入吗. Herzing neither represents that its graduates will earn the aver年龄 salaries calculated by BLS for a particular job nor guarantees that graduation from its program will result in a job, 促销活动, 加薪或其他职业发展.

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